emily in paris filming locations

The new Netflix show Emily in Paris has a lot of Americans wanting to come live their best dreamy Parisian life, and of course, wanting to visit all of the Emily in Paris filming locations!

While I thought the show was cute yet a bit cringy (as a professional traveler I hate when Americans are portrayed as a bit ignorant, even if it may be true for some), I set out to find all of the Emily in Paris filming locations that make the city look as glamorous as it really is IRL.

I found that it was a great, super fun way to tour Paris and see it differently than what typical tours and blogs tell you to do! Instead of the usual famous sites, I instead ventured to ones I otherwise probably would have overlooked!

So here’s an easy Emily in Paris filming locations self tour that you can create when you’re there! I’m writing them in the order that you should see them, in order to have one fluid route rather than bouncing all over the place.

By the way, check out my full Ultimate Paris Travel Guide for all the travel tips and info you need to plan your Paris trip, including how to get around!

Emily in Paris’ Apartment

emily in paris filming locations

Location: 5 pl. de l’Estrapade

Whoever the filming location scout was for this show did a phenomenal job! Emily in Paris’ apartment is close to several other key locations in the show! But let’s just start with her apartment.

Set in the super cute and quaint square called Place de l’Estrapade with a little park and fountain just outside. This is where the big blow out happened when Camille found out her bestie banged her bf. 

Many apartment courtyards look like hers did on the show, including mine! Be aware though, although Emily complains about how “tiny” her one bedroom apartment is, it’s actually VERY big compared to what is typically offered.

Gabriel’s Restaurant

emily in paris filming locations

Location: 18 Rue des Fosses Saint-Jacques

Great news! Many of the Emily in Paris filming locations are all within walking distance of each other! Just a few steps away from Emily’s apartment, is the restaurant that was filmed as Gabriel’s.

In real life, it’s an expensive Italian restaurant called Terra Nera, and you MUST order food in order to sit at a table there (as opposed to just grabbing a drink). When we popped our heads in for a look around, the cheeky owner told us that Gabriel would be coming in later.

La Boulangerie Moderne

emily in paris filming locations

Location: 16 Rue des Fosses Saint-Jacques

During one of the first episodes of Emily in Paris, she goes into a boulangerie (like a bakery) and shows her Americanness by mispronouncing the french word for a chocolate croissant. This real life boulangerie is located just next door to “Gabriel’s Restaurant”.

The Pantheon

paris pantheon

Location: Pl. du Pantheon

You can see the Pantheon in one of the first episodes of Emily in Paris, I believe when she is breaking up with someone on the phone.

It’s worth seeing regardless because it’s beautiful, and located right next to “her apartment”!

The Seine River and Quai

seine river

Location: All through Paris

Many Emily in Paris filming locations are along the Seine River and Quai, where she’s often jogging and keeping that extremely thin figure. 

At any time of year, even in winter, you’ll see people jogging down along the river, as well as up on the sidewalks and over the many bridges. During this self tour you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the views from the many bridges!

Cafe De Flore

cafe de flore paris emily in paris filming locations

Location: 172 Bd Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France

Cafe de Flore is one of the many cute restaurants in Paris with a beautiful flowery facade on the outside. Thanks to shows like Emily in Paris, restaurants like this are now always packed, but have a stroll around the block, because there’s many restaurants just like it nearby!

One of my personal favorites is fittingly called “La Favourite” in Le Marais!

Le Raidd

le raidd paris

Location: 23 Rue du Temple

If you walk up into the right side of the Seine, you’ll be in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th arrondissements, and also an area called Le Marais. This is where I lived and I absolutely loved it!

It’s also where you can find the naked male shower club called Le Raidd, that Emily in Paris goes to in order to convince a high end designer to be her new client.

To be honest, I really wanted to go here for Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t convince anyone to go with me, and it’s not somewhere I’d personally go alone unless I was REALLY drunk (jk probably not even then). Reviews say it’s overpriced and the bouncers are mean, but I think it would be worth the experience!

Place de Voges

place du voges paris emily in paris filming locations

Location: Pl. de Voges

Also in the Le Marais area, is the beautiful park that was formerly a palace, where Mindy and Benoit fall in lerve. This palace and park aslso have a lot of history! It’s said that parts of Les Miserables was written in an apartment over looking this very park!

You can easily grab some cheese and bread from a nearby Fromagerie and Boulangerie, and have a glorious picnic in the park! Or, if you want to be fancy, grab an outside table at one of the popular restaurants that surround it, like Ma Bourgogne and Carette.

Palais Royal & Parks

emily in paris filming locations

Location: 43 Rue de Valois

Here’s another former palace with a lot of interesting history! It’s also one of the recurring Emily in Paris filming locations! Palais Royal gained popularity for its intriguing black and white column art installation that doesn’t seem to quite fit in with the rest of the antique architecture.

Then there’s also the history of some naughtiness that was the usual there in the 1920’s. But for Emily in Paris fans, this is also where the park is where she meets her BFF Mindy, and where they often sit and chat on the benches.

Place de Valois (her office)

place de volois paris

Location: Place de Valois

Just next door to Palais Royal, is Place de Valois where Emily in Paris “worked” at a popular PR and marketing firm! Once you’re there, you’ll quickly realize how cool it would be to work right next door to so many famous locations in Paris!

There’s also a cute little restaurant in the courtyard that you can stop by for a snack or drink!

Palais Garnier Opera House

Location: Pl. de l’Opera

After you see where Emily in Paris works, and her typical hangout spot at Palais Royal, you can either walk, Metro, or cab to the Palais Garnier Opera House! This is one of the Emily in Paris filming locations during the episode where Tomas takes her to the fancy opera.

The Opera House really is stunning both inside and out, so it’s worth a visit! You don’t have to see an actual opera to go inside by the way! You can do a guided or a self guided tour for around $6!

Seine Bridges

seine river bridges paris emily in paris filming locations
seine river bridges paris

After you’re done at the Opera House, you can head back down to the Seine River to see a few more Emily in Paris filming locations on the many bridges. The most famous and beautiful one is the Pont Alexandre III!

La Maison Rose in Montmarte

la maison rose montmartre paris emily in paris filming locations

Location: 2 Rue de l’Abreuvoir

Now for some Emily in Paris filming locations that are a bit farther away from the main city area of Paris!

Montmartre is a very popular little town in northern Paris, that I’m sure you’ve seen photos of! It has the Sacre Coeur, and also “the most beautiful street in Paris”. On this street, is Le Maison Rose restaurant, which is featured in one of the Emily in Paris episodes.

It’s SUPER popular, so if you want to actually eat there, be sure to make a reservation!

Hotel Particulier Montmarte

hotel particulier montmartre paris

Location: 23 Av. Junot Pavillon D

Another place that Emily in Paris goes while she’s in Montmartre, is Hotel Particulier. I actually went here with some local friends without knowing it was in one of the show scenes! 

It’s a super cute, but also super private boutique hotel, with an adorable outdoor terrace area, and equally as cute indoor bars. The first one is a vintage pastel pink theme, and the one downstairs is a unique jungle-esque theme.


emily in paris filming locations

Perhaps one of the most beautiful Emily in Paris filming locations, is of course, the palace of Versailles! Located about an hour away from the main area of Paris, it’s a day trip that’s definitely worth doing!

You can either take the train and do a DIY trip, or buy one of the many day trip tour options! Be sure to check out the gardens at Versailles as well! There’s even a mini labyrinth!

“Saint Tropez” and Ville-Franche

hotel particulier montmartre paris st tropez

One fun Emily in Paris filming location takes us to “Saint Tropez”! But it’s really another seaside town called Ville-Franche. You can easily take the train down to either one though, and see them both!

I was able to see both plus many other French Riviera towns when I did a French Riviera campervan roadtrip back in 2020, when air travel wasn’t really happening yet. It’s a really great and affordable way to experience all of the famous locations! Check out my blog post about it if you’re interested!