Here’s our latest travel swim fashion for 2022! Whether you’re looking for comfort, or to be Extra AF, there’s something for everyone!

We’re loving the ruffles and sleeves this year because of their unique look and sophisticated flare. Plus we’re going to a lot of destinations where skimpier bikinis aren’t exactly the norm (like Zanzibar and the Maldives),

Please note that swimwear may take up to 6 weeks to arrive, so please order early! Also please be sure to check the size charts, because returns can take a while too. I know the wait isn’t ideal, but please keep in mind that all profits go directly to supporting this free blog with all of my travel tips that I spend an even longer time learning and writing 🙂

Here’s some of my favorite swimwear-worthy destinations as well:

All the Ruffles & High Waists

Our current favorite of our new travel swim fashion for 2022, are these adorably chic ruffle sleeve with high waists. Absolutely perfect for beach clubs, pool parties, lounging in cabanas, or simply taking a stroll or dip!

Be sure to pay attention to the names of each to see where we envision wearing them!

Puff Sleeve Bikinis

Our next favorite travel swim fashion for 2022, are these detachable puff sleeve bikinis! Have you ever seen anything like them? We sure haven’t!

Fashionable and also safe, as they protect your skin from the sun. But of course, if you’re aiming for a tan, you can always take them off! Pair it with a flowy skirt and you have an cute beach outfit as well!

Long Sleeved Swimsuits

Whether you’re trying to avoid sun damage, or avoid the cold water, here are some comfy and cute long sleeved swimsuits for everyone!

Ruffle Low-Rise Bikinis

If high-waist bikinis aren’t your thing (we know, they can be a bit awkward sometimes), here’s a classic low rise bikini with some added flare! Another one of our favorite travel swim fashions of 2022!