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If you’re looking for the ultimate Seychelles packing guide, look no further than here, from the girl who has been there twice!

This Seychelles packing guide not only has the essentials (like all the swimsuits, obvvv), but tips for what to wear in photos there as well!

By the way, don’t worry too much about covering up here. Unlike places like Zanzibar and the Maldives that are predominantly Muslim (and have specific beaches you can only wear bikinis at), the Seychelles is mostly Roman Catholic.

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All The Swimsuits

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If you’re going to the Seychelles, you’re going to the beach. A lot. So bring all of your favorite swimsuits! The beaches in the Seychelles are white sand, light blue water, and stunning dramatic light gray boulders.

I mention the colors of the island so you know what colors will pop (or blend in!) with the backdrop! For me, I love bright pinks and oranges! But blues also look stunning against the white sand and rocks!

This year I have a fabulous new style added to my shop that has all the frills and unique patterns! We have both high-waist and low waist, and some styles go up to 3XL (we are working on ALL of them adding bigger sizes as well).

Capris, Shorts, or Rompers

In case you opt for activities like bike riding, you may want to pack either capris, shorts, or rompers! Plus, who doesn’t love a go-to romper?!

Rompers and jumpsuits are also great for the ferry rides! Sometimes they can get a bit crowded, and these items are easier to maneuver in.

Casual Dresses

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Next up on the Seychelles packing guide, is casual dresses! When you’re not relaxing by the beach, you’ll likely be exploring the island, having a bite to eat, or lounging outdoors.

Casual dresses like maxi dresses or flowy dresses are prefect for the warm, laid back island life in the Seychelles!

Comfortable Sandals or Sliders

For days when you’re exploring the islands of the Seychelles, it’s good to have comfortable sandals or sliders. This is because sometimes there’s a bit of walking involved!

It’s usually best to have at least one pair of shoes that has a back on them!

A Pair of Sandals

Trust me, you’ll want to kick off your shoes as soon as you get to the beaches in the Seychelles! Bring a pair of sandals for beach days or any time you just need to throw on a pair of shoes.

Beach Bag with Zipper

Your beach bag can really be any type of bag, as long as it has a zipper or closure. This is because there may be times when you want to leave your bag on the beach to go in the water. If you don’t have someone to stay and watch it, at least make sure it has a zipper.

Dry Bags and Waterproof Phone Cases (Optional)

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your belongings on the beach, simply bring a dry bag and/or waterproof phone case! This way you can easily bring your stuff with you when you go in the water!

Reef Safe Sunscreen

The Seychelles has some of the most pristine water and coral, so let’s keep it that way! Be sure to try to pack sunscreen that is also “reef safe”. Which means it won’t harm or bleach the coral.

Hats, Scarves, and Sunglasses

You’ll hopefully be getting a lot of sun in the Seychelles! So be sure to pack a rimmed hat and some sunglasses to protect your face! And, because, let’s be serious. They look fabulous as well.

I also always love bringing a sheer or light scarf when I travel anywhere. It can double as an actual scarf and compliment an outfit, or I also like to wrap them on my head. You can see my easy head scarf tutorial below

Jewelry and Accessories

The Seychelles is a pretty safe place, so feel free to bring your jewelry and accessories. BUT, I would more so recommend to support the locals and get some unique pieces from the island!

Action Cameras

While these days most people’s iPhones shoot amazing quality photos and videos, if you don’t want to take your phone in the water (or underwater) you may want to consider an action camera.

I have the DJI Osmo which is very affordable, and does everything you need it to in terms of photo, video, and being waterproof.

Then I also have the new GoPro 10 Black which has slightly better quality of photo and video, and more options for shooting. The only downside is it’s very pricey.


seychelles packing guide maia resort

Drones are allowed in the Seychelles, and definitely worth it to get that token shot of the beach in La Digue! Just always be cautious and courteous of others because drones tend to annoy the crap out of people.

If you’re interested in getting a drone, I’d highly recommend my Dronie — a DJI Mavic Mini. It’s very compact, so it’s easy to travel with, and super easy to use. It goes pretty far, and the only downside is it doesn’t do so well when there’s a lot of wind.

Also BE SURE to check drone regulations if you’re laying over in another country! Places like Egypt and Rwanda WILL NOT let you bring it into the country!

Adapters and Converters

The plugs in the Seychelles are for “type G” plugs, which looks like 3 rectangles. I always suggest just getting a universal adapter though, that way you can use it anywhere you travel.

If you absolutely MUST bring your own hair dryer, curler, straightener, etc., you will likely need a converter as well. This will prevent you from blowing a fuse and pissing a lot of people off. 🙂

Carry on, Checked bag, or Backpack?

This is always the hardest question to answer! I personally have to travel with both a checked bag (since I live out of it) and a carry on, and also a camera backpack. And I can tell you that specifically for the Seychelles, it’s better to have a carry-on sized bag, since we will be island hopping.

I know many of us have A LOT of outfits to bring, and you still can! Just use a travel compression bag! I swear by them!

If you’re trying to decide between roller bag and backpack, it’s really just personal preference. Backpacks hurt my back and are harder for me to get on and off than just simply rolling a bag, but to each their own!

Other Random Items to Consider

The above items are the necessities, but below are a few things I always travel with that make my life easier:

  • Trtl Pillow for the plane
  • Not Your Mother’s Miracle Hair Spray (with heat protector)
  • Silicone chest pad (for us side-sleepers)
  • Re-usable water bottle
  • Over the counter meds (like Tums, Pepto, Advil, etc)
  • Menstrual cup (I swear by them over tampons or pads)