how to find travel restrictions by country in 2022
Argentina opened borders 1 month before our trip was scheduled to start in Patagonia and Antarctica!

Right now it’s less “where do I want to go” and “where CAN I go” when it comes to travel, so I hope this post on how to find travel restrictions by country in 2022 is helpful for you!

I have been traveling safely, and frequently since I was released from one of the world’s strictest lockdowns in Spain in 2020. Each time I spend several hours trying to figure out what the next country’s current travel restrictions are, and yes, it is exhausting! But there’s some ways to make it a bit easier for you.

Please remember that if you’re going to travel right now, you should always adhere to that destinations safety mandates. I would highly recommend getting the jab for the sake of others, especially locals in areas where they don’t have the privilege of getting it.

Here’s my tips for how to find travel restrictions by country in 2022, and also some general current maps of which countries are open for travel:

*NOTE: I am using France as an example because that’s where I currently am

Start With a General Google Search

As you can see, the first results are all recent news articles!

I know that sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many DM’s I get asking me if I know what a country’s travel restrictions are. Google can answer that question, likely better than I can.

One of my main reasons for mentioning this tip first, is because a Google search will give you the most up to date news about travel restrictions by country.

Some of the websites I’m going to mention that offer those travel restriction maps are not up to date. I know because I just checked one for D.R.Congo and it said they require a quarantine, so I texted someone actually there, and they said that was almost a year ago.

So, Google “Current travel restrictions in (insert country here)”, and see what the latest news articles say first.

Check the Country’s Government and Embassy Website

how to find travel restrictions by country in 2022
Gov websites are the most accurate source for up to date travel restrictions

The government of the country you want to go to is the safest bet for accurate travel restrictions by country. However, we all know they tend to not always be on top of updates. Some may also be hard to navigate if there isn’t an English translation.

It’s still your most accurate source though! Try the embassy’s website first, since those are geared more towards visitors and foreign residents.

Also, I know many people use the U.S. government’s travel website, which will also give you updates, and also a link to the country your inquiring about’s government website.

My only qualm with the U.S. gov’s travel website is that it basically lists every country as a “high risk, do not travel” country.

While you’re there though, you may want to enroll in STEP (smart traveler enrollment program) for your trip. It basically keeps track of your info in case you go missing or get in an accident or something.

Check the Local Airline’s Website

Here’s a highly underestimated tip for how to find travel restrictions by country in 2022; check the local airline’s website. They usually either have the current travel restrictions posted, or they have links to resources that do.

It’s also super important to check airline websites, because some airlines have their own travel restrictions and requirements!

For example, in many countries, you need to fill out a Passenger Locator Form! Sometimes you even need to fill it out and present it in order to get your ticket, and if you happen to not have service or something at the airport, it can be a bit of a hassle.

Some airlines also require specific kinds of masks! On my trip from Portugal to Greece, we had a layover in a country who has a mandatory travel restriction of wearing N95 masks on the plane there! We of course didn’t have them, and had to run around the airport looking for one just to get on the plane!

Ask Someone Who is Currently in That Country

If you REALLY cannot figure out what the travel restrictions are in a country you want to go to, try to ask someone who is actually there. Again, this is if you really cannot get a clear answer after trying the methods above.

Keep in mind that if it’s someone who lives there, they may not be up to date on the travel restrictions since they haven’t had to enter the country. But if it’s someone visiting, or in the travel industry, they may know.

If you don’t personally know anyone in that country, try asking online (there are usually Facebook groups for foreigners), or email a tour company!

Use a Travel Restrictions by Country Website

how to find travel restrictions by country in 2022
This website (IATA Travel Centre) uses Timatic which has the most extensive and up to date info for travel restrictions by country. You can also see when it was last updated.

Again, full warning that some of these awesome websites aren’t always up to date. It’s really hard to be when there’s 196 countries, and all of them are constantly changing their travel restrictions!

A popular way for how to find travel restrictions by country in 2022, is using the website Sherpa. It lets you put in your info, like if your vaccinated or not, and what your nationality is. You can then select the country you’re wondering about, and it will show you their restrictions.

IATA Travel Centre has an even more useful travel restrictions and requirements map. It lists every thing you need to enter, including links to the locator forms. It’s powered by one of the top airline recommended travel information companies.

How to Find Out What Countries Are Open in General

how to find travel restrictions by country in 2022
This map by Sherpa is easiest to see what countries are open or not

Just like above, you can see maps of the entire world that are colored according to how open they are. You can easily see which countries are completely open, which ones have partial restrictions, severe restrictions (like quarantine), and which are just straight up closed.

I’d recommend checking a few different sites to make sure the information matches. The CDC also has this map, but that one basically has every country listed as having restrictions, so it’s not super helpful.

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