So you’re thinking of planning a Whistler summer roadtrip? Congratulations! Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime!

The Whistler area should be a top choice for anyone who loves playing outside and wants to go on a multi-sport roadtrip. From hiking to some of the best mountain bike trails in the world, Whistler has it all. But we all know that the key to a successful trip isn’t just having a great destination, you’ve got to have a great game plan as well.

So we’ve got some tips to help you organize the ultimate Whistler summer roadtrip!

Plan Lodging Ahead of Time

camping Whistler summer roadtrip

Whether you’re planning on bringing camping equipment and sleeping under the stars, or you prefer renting hotels or BnB’s, you’re best served by reserving lodging as far ahead of time as possible. Check out campground reservations early. They fill up fast, and you’ll want to snag a spot while you can.

Even if you’re not camping, reserving your rooms ahead of time guarantees you a place to stay, and can help you lock in a lower rate early. So get on it and figure out your lodging plans.

And think outside the box, how important is it to you to stay in the Whistler Village proper? There are plenty of lodging options within several minutes from Whistler, as well as in Squamish and Pemberton which are a short drive from the resort.

Lock in your lodging and then the rest of your road trip details can remain fluid as you’re confident you have a place to lay your head at night.

Figure out your Activity Priorities for Your Whistler Summer Roadtrip

mountain biking Whistler

What are you planning on doing on your Whistler summer roadtrip? Plenty of people make the pilgrimage every summer to ride the world-class bike park, but if mountain biking isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty to do in Whistler.

Mountain Biking

If you’ve never visited Whistler before and are planning on mountain biking, we highly recommend getting a downhill bike rental from a local shop, even if you’re bringing your own bike. The Whistler bike park is a very unique beast, and riding a rental downhill bike saves wear and tear on your personal ride, and lets you experience the park as it was meant to be ridden. 

Come prepared to ride hard all day, every day. That means bring plenty of food and water, and spare bike parts and tools you might need for bike repair. There are bike shops in the village that can easily handle most repairs, but it doesn’t hurt to come prepared to deal with minor things on your own so that you can get back to riding.

Skate Parks

If you’re not planning on mountain biking at all, you’re in luck, there’s plenty of awesome activities that don’t require a bike. Whistler’s skateparks are huge and varied, and there are several good skate shops with boards and accessories.

Other Activities

gondola ride in Whistler summer roadtrip

You can also take a scenic gondola ride, go for an arts tour walk, or even go bungee jumping. There’s truly something for everyone to do in Whistler.

The key, no matter what activities you choose, is to plan ahead. Think through what you want to do and get reservations early, and make sure you pack appropriate clothing and gear. The Whistler area is so interesting that you won’t want to take a break from exploring.

Things to do Outside of Whistler


The whole point of taking a road trip is to have the flexibility to explore a range of places and make your own agenda. So don’t just confine yourself to Whistler. The whole Sea-to-Sky Highway area is full of worthy destinations!

Take a day to ride on Vancouver’s legendary North Shore. Spend a few days in Squamish exploring their trails and taking in beautiful views of the bay. Consider heading north of Whistler to Pemberton for a slightly more raw, less “resort town” experience.

All of these areas are an easy morning’s drive from Whistler proper, and all of them are worth visiting. 

Yes, Whistler is a magical adventure center and is more than worth your time, but plan to bounce around a little bit, trying new things and experiencing new places. You won’t regret expanding your horizons a little.

Take Time to Experience Some Culture on Your Whistler Summer Roadtrip


Whistler isn’t just a mountain hub, it’s a center of culture too. It’s packed with galleries full of the work of great mountain artists, and it’s home to some of the best food and drinks anywhere. So even if you’re just headed to Whistler to ride, plan to experience the town as well. The nightlife is unmatched, and the village is worth exploring on your down days.

So load your rig and plan your trip. The open road calls, and you’re headed to one of the greatest destinations on earth. Just plan ahead a little to make sure your Summer Whistler Roadtrip is one you’ll never forget.

Start planning your Whistler summer roadtrip now! Accommodations and camping spots fill up fast! Here's a guide to booking your stay in Whistler, the best things to see and do, and also some fun things to do just outside of Whistler! #whistler #nationalparks #canada #summertravel #travelguide