Looking for the best restaurants in Sayulita? You’ve come to the right place! Sayulita is a fabulous, chill little surfer town in Mexico with a clear expat impact!

That being said, there’s tons of amazing restaurants, and I’ve had the pleasure of eating at almost all of them thanks to a collaboration with the tourism board here!

So whether you’re a foodie, or just looking for the best restaurants in Sayulita to get a bite, here’s some awesome choices!

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Best Restaurants in Sayulita for Breakfast/Brunch:

Sayulita is very health-conscious, so there’s tons of places to get a tasty, healthy breakfast or brunch! Then of course there’s also several brunch places with a delicious mimosa!

Anchor Sayulita

anchor sayulita breakfast bowl best restaurants in sayulita

Delicious, nutritious breakfast, and also a poppin’ spot for digital nomads! Space is limited, but the wifi is fast, and food is amazing! Plus the food and drinks are super IG-worthy!


organik healthy restaurant

A popular multi-location healthy food option, especially if you’re on the go! I love their poke bowls and fresh juices!


miscelanea all day brunch sayulita

Another super cute breakfast/brunch place that actually serves brunch all day! It also has a trendy little patio to dine on! I got the fish lettuce tacos and they were amazing!

Tierra Viva

tierra viva brunch sayulita

For an incredible brunch, you have to try Tierra Viva! Their eggs Benedict with shrimp and gouda was drool-worthy, as was their breakfast sandwich (I got avocado instead of meat). It’s one of the few places I’ve seen serving eggs benny, so definitely go there if you love them too!

Arte Cafe

arte cafe brunch best restaurants in sayulita

Arte Cafe is located in “North Sayulita” just a block from the beach. It has REALLY good mimosas that are generously poured, and one of the few places where I have found smoked salmon bagels!

The Garden Bar & Cafe by Selina: I don’t have a photo from here because I used to only go for a smoothie and to use their fast, free internet. But that being said, The Garden Bar & Cafe is basically like a co-working space with food and drinks! They also put on a lot of events, like live bands, and movie nights! It’s a great place to meet others, especially digital nomads!

Best Restaurants in Sayulita for Lunch

After soaking up the sun or having a surf session, you’ll be ready for lunch! There’s tons of cute open-air places and outdoor patios for lunch in Sayulita. There’s also a few right on the beach, but warning, they charge tourist prices!

Public House

This is the only restaurant in town that I’ve seen a Beyond Burger served at! And it is DAMN GOOD! It’s also one of the few places with a happy hour! They have 80 peso ($4 USD) drinks!

Pizza Venezia

Advertised as “The Best Pizza in Mexico”, and I 100% believe it! Not only are they priced at just 99 pesos (about $5) but that includes unlimited basic toppings! That’s just a perk though, the actual pizza is freaking mouth-watering!


Located on the most touristy street of Sayulita (the one with the flags), but still had good tacos. I tried one that was octopus in a mole sauce (a chocolate-type sauce that usually is only served with meat). Only down side is that you get approached by the most street vendors here!

El Pescador

el pescador restaurant sayulita

El Pescador is well known for their poke bowls, but they also had a bomb “gobernador” shrimp taco! I may even have to say it was better than the poke bowl! But, the fish was fresh, and the rice was really tasty. Plus they bring you a ton of sauces to add!

Maddy’s Tacos: I don’t have a photo of my tacos here because I was so hungry that I scarfed them down before snapping a pic! But Maddy’s is known as being one of the best tasting/best priced tacos in town, and it’s always packed!

Best Restaurants in Sayulita for Dinner

Dinner time in Sayulita is busy every night of the week! I actually love that the town is so small that I can probably try every restaurant once by the time I leave here! And of course, have ample time to go back to my favorites!


yambak best restaurants in sayulita

Yambak is one of the most popular places for drinks on a Tuesday night because they do 2-4-1! But it’s more than just a place to get boozed up! It’s also actually a microbrewery, and you can do a beer pairing with your meal!

Santa Sal

santa sal sayulita

Here’s a great restaurant at any time of the day, that also doubles as a place to co-work! You can dine on the balcony outside, or sit inside in their swing-chair dining room! Whenever you decide to go, you absolutely MUST get the churros with different dipping sauces!

Achara Thai

achara thai sayulita

It’s always great when there’s an amazing Thai restaurant in town! Achara fulfills that for us, from spring rolls, to pad thai! Their white wine sangria is also delicious! Plus the vibe here is really on point.

Loro Cafe

loro cafe sayulita

Speaking of must-have foods, if you’re seeking a little comfort, Loro Cafe is the place to go for Ramen. Well, Ramen with a Latin spin! All menu items start with a vegetarian base, and you can add proteins as you please.


xochi sayulita

This adorable new restaurant, bar, and lounge just opened and is worth stopping by, if anything for the photos! The whole thing is hot pink with pops of blue, turquoise, and yellow! It’s also in an excellent location for people watching over the main plaza!

La Rustica: If you want some BOMB pasta, you have to try Rustica! I have been there twice so far for their Scampi dish because it was so freaking good! Its has really cute decor as well! Both times I forgot to take photos because I was hungry (#bloggerlife), but that just means I’ll have to go back again soon and get some!

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Sayulita is a town in Mexico that's like the more chill and affordable version of Tulum! I've been living here for a few months and have been to almost every restaurant! Here's my list of the 17 best restaurants in Sayulita! #sayulita #mexico #foodie #bestrestaurants #travelguide