Whether your looking for a gift or looking for yourself, here’s my official Black Friday Deals for travelers!

All of these items are from my own shop, which means the profit goes directly to me and it greatly supports this free website and all of the free tips and content I produce! I greatly appreciate any and all support you give me!

For 20% off, use the code: “grateful21”

Black Friday Deals for Travelers: TOP SELLERS

Signature World Map Necklace

Topping my list of best sellers, is my Signature World Map Necklace! I wear it every day and it’s still as shiny as the day I got it! It comes in gold, silver, and rose gold plated.

Travel Compression Bags

Another item I use regularly; my no-vacuum travel compression bags! Simply lay your folded clothing inside, seal it shut, squeeze the air out, and get a ton of extra room in your luggage!

If you’d like to see how they work, check out this tutorial:

Signature Pink Selfie Stick

I’ve been using this pink selfie stick with attachable tripod foot for about 8 years now! It’s a solo travel necessity, and also for those of us who don’t trust others to get “the shot”. It comes with attachments for a camera, phone, action camera, and more! This model also comes with a ring light, which is perfect for filming!

World Map Earrings

My favorite everyday earrings! I love how dainty they are yet make a bold statement with the map in the middle of them!

Metallic One Piece Snowsuit

Originally added because I wanted to wear these to Antarctica, these hot snowsuits quickly became one of my hot sellers! Stand out and look fab, while staying warm in cozy!

We also have additional bold colors like hot pink and purple, and they come in plus sizes as well!

Fleece Lined Leggings

Going somewhere cold this winter? These fleece lined leggings are one of my top sellers right now! Soft and fluffy on the outside, chic and sturdy on the outside!

Black Friday Deals for Travelers: Epic Outfits

Due to popular demand, I started adding more of the “flying dresses” and other “IG outfits”. Here’s some fun ones for photoshoots!

“The Flying Dress”

This is one of the famous dresses you see in photos in Santorini and Cappadocia! It’s extremely long, and you definitely need to wear something underneath it, but it makes for great photos! Pro-tip, get a travel compression bag to store it in so it doesn’t take up space!

Extra Long Dress

This beautiful long-sleeved dress is extra long, and perfect for photos! It also fits extremely well, and is very comfortable!

10-Way Travel Dress

For those of us who want to pack light but still have some versatility in our wardrobe, definitely get a 10-way travel dress! As the name implies, you can wear it 10 different ways, so that it looks like you’re always changing it up!

Long Flowy Skirt

Because we all know these things look amazing in photos.

Black Friday Deals for Travelers: Travel Gear

Here’s some more of my favorites travel gear that make for great Black Friday deals for travelers!

Camera Backpack

Ideal if you use more than one camera like I do, or if you also use a drone! It has adjustable compartments to keep everything safe and organized!

Vintage Luggage Set

For that old school travel charm, check out these vintage luggage sets!

Pink Luggage Set

Practical, chic, and easy to find on the luggage belt!

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Black Friday Deals for Travelers! Take 20% off all products using the code "grateful21"! From World Map Necklaces to travel compression bags, these are the best deals for travelers!