Did you know that the Niagara Falls spring super blooms are said to be the best in North America? In fact, there’s so many daffodils that Niagara Falls has become known as the daffodil capital of North America!

What could possibly be more magical than seeing thousands of flowers surrounding one of the most epic waterfalls in the world?! Perhaps only a couple of unicorns or puppies running around as well! So if you want the ultimate, enchanting, spring vacation, here’s how to plan a trip to see the Niagara Falls sping super blooms in 2021!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Hotels.com, however all opinions are my own! Also, travel is at your own risk right now. If you choose to travel, please be responsible and practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash hands frequently.

When to See the Niagara Falls Spring Super Blooms

Niagara Falls spring super blooms
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Early April is the best time to see the Niagara Falls spring super blooms! You’ll be able to see them for most of the month, but the earlier you can go, the better!

Since the window of opportunity to see the super blooms is somewhat narrow, you’ll need to be sure to make plans in advance! Accommodations are already starting to book up fast for spring, see below for your options and book ASAP!

Where to See the Niagara Falls Spring Super Blooms

Niagara Falls spring super blooms
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For daffodils, you’ll want to head to Queen Victoria Park on the Canadian side of the border! Enjoy the vibrant yellow daffodils in full bloom near the border of Niagara Falls! Swoon!

For tulips, you can find millions of them everywhere you look! Some of the best places to go see them are at Centennial Lilac Garden, and down the river near the Lewiston-Queenston International Bridge!

You can also head to the Niagara Parks Commission’s Botanical Gardens, where there’s 99 acres of gardens with different kinds of colorful springtime flowers!

Where to Stay in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls hotel
Image via NiagaraFallsTourism.com

Niagara Falls has two sides, the Canadian side and the US side. Right now, where you stay logistically will depend on where you have your citizenship since the border is closed. Where you stay will also depend on your budget!

There’s tons of different types of places to stay on each side! From luxury hotels with a view of the falls, to camping in the beautiful nature that surrounds the area. There’s also several hotels near the Fallsview Casino, which has a ton of entertainment options and even an outlet mall!

You can also find budget motels, hostels, and BnB’s! Plus if you have a car, and can stay a bit farther away, the prices go down!

How to Get Around Niagara Falls

If it’s the Niagara Falls spring super blooms you’re after, the best way to get around is by car. Either your own, or a rental! Or if you like to stay active and eco-friendly, you can also bike or walk!

To get to the actual Niagara Falls waterfall, you may want to take WEGO, the public transportation there. It stops at almost every hotel and brings you to all the main attractions! That way you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking!

You can also take a tour, which will pick you up from your accommodation, and some include a skip the line option!

If you’re coming from New York City, be sure to check out my guide where locals decided what I did there!

Do you have any Niagara Falls tips? Please comment them below!

Did you know there are massive Niagara Falls spring super blooms? Each year the glorious waterfall is surrounded by tulips and daffodils! Book your trip now because space is already becoming limited for Niagara Falls super blooms in 2021! #niagarafalls #springtravel #springbreak #superbloom