When I heard that I could learn to surf in Sayulita, it just added to the many reasons why I wanted to go there! Even at 33 years young, surfing is still one of the activities I’ve always wanted to get better at!

You actually have the perfect opportunity to learn to surf in Sayulita, because the waves are gentle, and the locals are pro! You’ll find dozens of people learning, practicing, and the pros perfecting, all along the main beach area of town.

Don’t worry about your skill level, it’s all about having fun!

Also, the surf school I’m writing about is locally owned and operated. Please always support locals and local businesses when you travel to other countries!

Here’s where you can learn to surf in Sayulita:

how to learn to surf in sayulita

I’d 100% recommend using Sayulita Surf School to learn to surf in Sayulita! The owner Sergio is an awesome, friendly guy, and their instructors make it extremely easy to learn! Plus, they’re world champion surf pros!

You can find Sayulita Surf School’s beach hut just to the left of Calle Gaviotas. It’s best to book lessons in advance to make sure the instructors aren’t already busy. If you’d just like to rent a board, you can show up any time! They have short, long, and beginner boards!

Book online at: https://sayulitasurfschool.com.mx/

Or Whatsapp Sergio at: +52 322 148 9869

Please be sure to mention I sent you!

learn to surf in sayulita

As someone who grew up around surfers in Florida and California, I can attest that I’d much rather learn to surf in Sayulita. Not only are the instructors professional, friendly, and patient, but this is also an area mostly for learning.

The waves are usually pretty gentle, but not so small that you can’t stand up. In the area where you’ll be learning, there’s no rocks, rip tides, or dangerous sea life.

It’s also really as simple as walking from your accommodation to Sayulita Surf School on the beach, grabbing your board, and heading to the water! If you want to bring any personal belongings, you can store them at their beach hut, and someone will watch them for you. You can also borrow a rash guard if you don’t have one.

Once you’re in the water, your instructor will help you paddle out past the oncoming waves. Then they’ll teach you the basic techniques for how to spot a wave, start paddling, stand up, and turn. They also give you a little push when the wave comes to help you get going!

surf lessons in sayulita

You’ll likely only need a couple of surf lessons before you’re able to catch a wave on your own. So I’d suggest doing 4-5 lessons, then renting a board to practice after that! Here are the costs for Sayulita Surf School:

  • Private lesson: 900 pesos (about $45)
  • Group lesson: 800 pesos (about $40)
  • Surfboard rentals: 100 pesos (about $5)
  • 3 Days of surfing: 2400 pesos (about $120)
la pancha surf

On the main beach, where you’ll see most of the surfers, there’s a few different areas. There’s the area for beginner/intermediate surfers all the way to the left (south). Even if it looks crowded, please stick to that area.

Most of the other areas, especially where the more experienced surfers are, have a TON OF ROCKS! The middle of Sayulita Beach has the best waves, but also the most rocks and sea urchins, so be careful! Don’t just assume the waves are good!

There’s also a beach about 25 minutes away called La Loncha that’s a hidden gem, but a bit of a trek to get to it! Sayulita Surf School took us there, but you’ll need to pay extra, and it’s well worth it. It also requires about a 20 minute jungle hike, but the beach has much clearer water, stunning landscapes, and less people!

You can also head to Punta de Mita, also about 25-30 minutes away, which is also known for good surfing.

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After you’re done surfing in Sayulita during the day, you’ll probably want to grab a bite and/or a drink! I’ve written an extensive Sayulita Guide with everything you could possibly need to know, from where to stay, to things to do! I also have a separate post just for all of the amazing restaurants in this charming little pueblo!

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