As the creator of influencer-led group trips, successfully hosting over 600 people over the last 6 years, not including over 100 people in Antarctica this year, I am now offering my complete course: How to Plan and Host Group Trips!

Stop waiting for travel collaborations to come to you or accept your proposals! Create your own highly profitable way of getting PAID TO TRAVEL!

After noticing this trend has been steadily catching popularity, and receiving numerous DM’s with questions about my business secrets, I have finally decided to divulge them. I have noticed many influencers try to host group trips, and give up, and it’s likely because they don’t have the techniques I do!

By the way, about half of my income comes from group trips...just to give you an idea of how lucrative it is. In fact, you can easily get your return on investment from this course, just by booking ONE person on your group trip!

Speaking of which: if you don’t think you’ll be able to book out a trip of 10 people or more, don’t worry! I’ll also be offering the exclusive opportunity to team up with either my own group trips, or other people who take this course with similar niches, to help you get those spaces filled! That means you’ll not only MAKE money, but you get to TRAVEL to the destination too!

So if you want to learn the most epic and fun way to monetize your audience, and learn how to plan and host group trips, sign up TODAY!

DATES: August 15, 22, and 29 at 9am PST (3 week course, 1 hour per week, will be recorded if you can’t make it)

COST: $450

how to plan and host your own group trips

NOTE: Due to the high amount of people stealing/copying my content without permission or credit, I will only be sending the detailed program outline and password to digital content after you purchase the course.