As a full time traveler who lives out of her suitcase, I have mastered the art of finding genius travel products for carry-on only travel! While I do have a large suitcase, I also ALWAYS have a carry-on as well, which i use for shorter trips (I store my big bag).

So if you’re the type of traveler who wants to ease and budget of carry-on only travel, but you also want to stay organized, check out this post!

Full disclosure, most of these items I have handpicked to sell on my website, and the majority of those proceeds goes directly to me! It’s what helps fund my website, so I can continue giving you free posts, tips, and info! Some are also Amazon links…which I only get a tiny commission from.

Genius Travel Products for Carry-On Only Travel:

Ultimate Genius Travel Products: Travel Compression Bags

genius travel products for carry on

I’ve said it many times, travel compression bags are my FAVORITE packing accessory! These genius travel products for carry on travel are essential to staying organizing, and optimizing space!

All you have to do is fold your clothes as flat as possible, then slide them into the bags (usually I put 4-6 items in one bag). Then use the included clasp to close the bag, and simply roll the air out of it! You may need to put your weight on it to really get the air out!

Be careful you don’t get over-excited about the amount of new space you’ll have, because the weight will be the same! And some airlines check that!

Adjustable Sections Camera Gear Backpack

what to pack for d.r. congo

By far the best camera gear backpack I’ve ever tried! The sections are adjustable, so you can change them according to the size of your camera, or any other gear you’re wanting to put in here.

I use it for other items too! I’ll put my camera, drone, and Pocket in some of the sections, then I’ll use others for my chords, chargers, and extra batteries. You can also use it for other items, like a water bottle, or even a change of clothes!

Token Travel Dress

genius travel products

You know how there’s always that one token travel dress? Well this is it! Comfortable fit, and can even convert into a dress for multiple outfit options! Plus one of our favorite features; POCKETS!

If you’re the type who likes to appear to be wearing different outfits in photos, this dress is also really easy to change the color of in LightRoom! 😉

Makeup and Toiletry Bag

genius travel products for carry on

Let’s be serious, it’s really hard to find the ultimate toiletry and makeup bag that actually works. This one is pretty on point! It has plenty of sections for all of your bathroom necessities, plus mesh zippered sections to keep your make-up in!

It’s basically like your bathroom at home in a bag! Just open it up, hang it in your hotel bathroom, and you’re good to go!

*Pro Carry On Travel Tip: Put your 3oz or less liquids in a re-usable plastic bag for easy access in case you need to take them out to go through TSA!

Heat-less Hair Rollers

genius travel products for carry on only

If you’re trying to save your hair from the heat, these are my newest favorite hair products! I’ve tried several types, but so far these have had the best results!

You simply wrap your hair around them and then twist it together. Sleep with them in for best results! I recently used them during my double group trips in Egypt, and they saved a lot of time as well!

Jewelry Organizer

genius carryon products

For those of us who just can’t go anywhere without multiple accessories, this little jewelry box will keep your items safe and organized!

We love this jewelry organizer because it actually keeps each item in place. So that they all don’t get tangled together, or you end up losing one earring or back!

Travel Gel Manicure Set

genius travel products

For the ladies who like to keep a gel manicure, but are unsure if they’ll be available where they’re traveling! I bought this travel gel manicure set before my travels to Central Africa, and I absolutely love it!

The entire kit fits in a very small pouch, including a mini UV lamp! Depending on your level of activities, the polish lasts for about two weeks!

Essential Genius Travel Products: Downy Wrinkle Release

If you’re wondering about wrinkles, and you’re trying to save space, Downy Wrinkle Release is your new best friend! This magical spray smells delicious and really does just release the wrinkles out of your clothes!

Simply put the clothing on a hanger or lay it on the bed, then spray it with Wrinkle Release, and smooth the wrinkles or stretch the fabric until they’re out.

A Cute Carry-On for all your Genius Travel Products!

carry on luggage

You might be wondering about my recommendations for a carry on luggage for all these genius travel products! I have just added a few new ones to my Shop, including this vintage looking suitcase with a matching handbag!

It’s super chic, plus I always recommend a hard shell suitcase to protect your items.

Re-Usable Travel Razor

If you’ve ever accidentally cut yourself digging around for your razor, or if you want to save the world of some plastic, check out this re-usable travel razor! I love it’s small size, and the fact that it comes in a close-able case, so that you don’t risk cutting yourself, and the built-in soap doesn’t get everywhere.

It also comes with refills, so you can reduce plastic use!

Diva Cup

I know that menstrual cups are still strange to some people, but hear me out! I’ve been using a menstrual cup for over FOUR years now! Not only have I saved money and waste not buying hundreds of tampons and pads, but I never have to worry about changing a tampon or pad!

Menstrual cups are one of my top genius travel products for carry on only travel, because you just need one as opposed to a bulky amount of tampons. You can choose from different sizes and shapes too!

If you’re wondering about comfort and leakage, check out my full post about menstrual cups!

Mini Hair Curler and Straightener

If you happen to have strong hair that doesn’t fry like mine, you can also opt for this 2 in 1 mini hair curler and straightener! Before I tried making a more solid attempt to not fry my hair, I used to only use one of these!

Just be sure you pack a travel-sized bottle of heat protector spray!

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

A really great one of our genius travel products for carry on only travel, is the Scrubba wash bag! Doing your laundry on the go means you don’t have to pack as many clothes! Saving space, weight, and money!

Check out my tutorial for how to use this cool little portable wash machine!

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

Less space and waste! Stop using as much plastic, and worrying about running out of products! These solid shampoo and conditioner bars are easy to travel with, without the mess!