Alyssa's Camera Gear

Here’s an updated list of my camera gear as of 2021! I recently did an entire re-vamp and upgrade of my gear, mostly focusing more on video, and also SIZE! Because OMG does my back and shoulders hurt carrying around all of this gear all over the world!

I also made the switch away from GoPro and to DJI, mostly because I was tired of glitches and constant upgrades (like Apple). DJI is a professional brand so I knew I could count on their consumer products for quality. And NO I am not sponsored by them, so if you buy something, please use my links below because I get a tiny commission from Amazon!

There’s also some products from my own shop on here, which helps me out a lot of if you purchase from there! I started it while in solitary lockdown in Barcelona in 2020 and it’s what helped keep me afloat!

Sony Mirrorless Camera

This was my big investment for my photography a couple years ago, but to be completely honest, I would only recommend it if you’re looking to do professional photos. Many, including me, could argue that the new iphone 12 Pro (which I also have) takes the same quality photos. But the big difference is this shoots in Raw, which makes editing a lot different and better!

The Sony ar7 series is also really good for professional videos, and what is used by vloggers to commercial videographers!


Unfortunately, cameras don’t come with the lens. Imagine that! And sometimes the lenses can be as expensive as the camera, and require multiple ones that you have to switch out! That’s why I like this one. Instead of having to change from a 24mm to a 50mm or 70mm, this one covers them all. It’s basically like a zoom lens.

Rhode Microphone

If you’re going to be doing video work, you might want to get an external microphone like this one. It will amp up your voice and reduce wind/background noise.

DJI Mavic Mini Drone

I LOVE this little drone! Previously I had the Mavic Pro, which is twice as big, and this smaller version is seriously life changing! It only weighs like 2.5 grams or something crazy like that (making it legal in more places to fly), and is SO easy and quiet to fly! Plus it’s easy to carry and still has the same 4k quality as the Pro.

DJI Pocket

Another one of my new favorite toys is the DJI Pocket! It’s basically a mini gimbal that comes with a built in camera, so you don’t have to walk around with something bulky attached to an action cam or your phone. Which, is great for those of us who don’t want to actually look like we’re constantly filming!

It has wide angle as well so you can use it for vlogging, which you can even do while walking, running, biking, etc, and the video will remain stable! It’s seriously magical!

DJI Osmo

The DJI Osmo is my GoPro replacement, and to be honest, it has been just as good if not better. It has built in stabilization, great sound recording quality, and a front facing screen for when you want to take a photo or video of yourself!

Mono Pods (Selfie Sticks) and Tripods

I sell monopods and tripods in the camera gear section of my Shop, so please consider buying one from there before Amazon so I can actually make the moolah 😉