If you’ve seen my recent photos, you’re probably wondering where the best waterfalls in Huasteca Mexico are! Most foreigners have not heard of Huasteca Potosina or San Luis Potosi, and to be honest, I only did because a local showed me photos of epic waterfalls there. Let me just tell you up front, this rare, hidden gem is absolutely breathtaking, plus it was easier (and safer) than I thought to do!

This post just covers all of the main waterfalls in Huasteca, but please see my full guide too! Also, if you’re interested in wildlife sanctuaries, please check out my post about the only one in that area here!

IMPORTANT: Best Times to Go See Waterfalls in Huasteca!

tamasopo waterfalls in huasteca
One of the many waterfalls at the Tamasopo Park!

Guess what! You can’t see waterfalls, unless there’s water! Shocking, I know. That being said, there is a dry, wet, and “perfect” season in Huasteca for seeing the waterfalls there. I technically went at the end of dry season, so I still saw some pretty epic waterfalls. BUT, not the main one. Sad face.

However, I’m not mad about it, because during the “good” season, it’s also the high season. Which means A LOT more people visiting! So you can decide for yourself if you want to sacrafice some waterfalls for less crowds, or vice a versa.

Here are the best and worst seasons to go see the waterfalls in Huasteca:

  • Dry Season: March to June
  • Wet/Cold Season: July to October
  • “Good” Season: November to February

Also Important: Spanish Words to Know to Help You Out:

If your Spanish is about the same as what you learned in Highschool, please do yourself a favor and screenshot these translations. It will also help you out a lot to download Google Translate! 

Since this is a more remote area of Mexico, not many people speak fluent English (but there still are guides who do!). It’s not only smart and safe to learn some key phrases, but respectful to the locals whose country you are visiting as well!

  • Tirolenas: Ziplines
  • Cascadas: Waterfalls
  • Salto: Jumping
  • Chaqueta: Jacket (life vest)
  • Estoy asustado: I am scared
  • Estoy divirtiendo: I am having fun
  • Me puedes ayundar?: Can you help me
  • Lista/listo: I am ready
  • How are you?: Como estas?
  • How much is it?: Cuantos cuesta
  • Thank you: Gracias

Map of the Best Waterfalls in Huasteca

Since the names might be slightly hard to remember, here is a map of where the best waterfalls in Huasteca are!

map of the best waterfalls in huasteca

Tamasopo Waterfall – Waterpark

tamasopo waterfalls in Huasteca
The “Playita” (little beach) at Tamasopo Waterfall Park in Huasteca!
  • Translation: Name of town
  • Tour: None
  • Cost: 100 pesos ($5)
  • Time: 1-6 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy

Now this place I absolutely LOVED! It wasn’t a part of any of the tours we had, we just did it on our own, and it was SO worth it!

Tamasopo is like a waterfall, waterpark. AKA my dream come true. You pay just 100 pesos ($5) for entry, and you get access to a waterfall “beach”, numerous ropeswings, rope bridges, ziplines into the water, hammocks, picnic tables, jumping plaforms, and of course; tons of photo opps!

The watefalls here reminded me of ones I’ve seen in places like Indonesia and Croatia! Except even better, because the water is cool, as opposed to absolutely freezing!

Definitely try to get here early if you want photos, but if you have time, spend the whole day here, because there’s a lot to do! There’s some small kiosks for food and beverages, and you have to pay for a life vest if you do the jumps, so bring cash as well!

Micos Waterfalls: Salto de Cascadas

Micos waterfalls in Huasteca mexico
Standing at the top of the first of 8 waterfall jumps on the Micos circuit!
  • Translation: “Jumping of Waterfalls”
  • Tour: Huaxteca
  • Cost: 700-900 pesos ($35-45)
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium

The Micos waterfall circuit is kind of like another watefall waterpark, but ten times more adventurous. Instead of just jumping off platforms, you’ll be jumping off waterfalls in Huasteca. Eight of them to be exact.

You’ll start out getting suited up in helmets and life jackets, then you must climb down about 100 stairs to get down to the river. The first big waterfall you’ll see is called “Cascada del Torro” which means “Bull Waterfall”, named because it is said bandits hit a golden bull in it!

After swimming behind the big bull waterfall, you’ll start your jumps at a smaller one about 9 feet high. The next six jumps are very small, ranging from 3-5 feet, plus one “waterslide”. The last jump is really high, but you can opt to do a smaller one. It’s 24 feet, or the smaller one is just 10 feet. We opted for the shorter one solely because there was no water in the waterfall at the bigger one!

If you look up at any point, you’ll be able to see the zipliners and the Sky Bike! Please note that the climb back up to the road is a bit strenuous!

Mincos Waterfalls: Ziplines and Sky Bike

skybike over micos waterfalls in huasteca
It’s way safer and less-terrifying than it looks, I swear.
  • Translation: In Spanish it will be “Tirolesas” for ziplines
  • Tour: Huaxteca
  • Cost: Packages range from 700-900 pesos ($35-45)
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Difficulty: Pretty easy unless you’re afraid of heights

Jumping off the Micos waterfalls is only one way of seeing them! You can also see them from above, with some adrenaline pumping activities!

There’s an entire adventure park built above the Micos watefalls in Huasteca, for the ultimate views, and the most fun possible. I’d highly recommend doing the entire circuit! Here’s what’s involved:

For the entire circuit, you’ll do three epic ziplines, including one that’s 2,160 feet long! It gives some seriously stunning views of the entire waterfalls! There’s also a rope bridge (“Puente Colgante” in Spanish), which, I won’t lie, is absolutely terrifying. Like, I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack while doing it, but mostly because I was scared of dropping my DJI Pocket camera. If you have a severe fear of heights, maybe skip this one.

My favorite of all of the ziplines, was the Sky Bike. It’s literally a bike on a tightrope, but don’t worry, the tires are on it like a track, and you’re strapped in with harnesses! It looks like you’re riding a flying bike in front of a waterfall though! ET style! Well, plus the epic waterfalls.

Minas Viejas: Rappelling

rappelling at minas viejas waterfalls in huasteca mexico
Your reward after rappelling 150 feet down from the top of it.
  • Translation: “Old Mines”
  • Tour: Huaxteca
  • Cost: Around $70
  • Time: 2+ hours travel time, 1 hour total rappelling, 10 minutes max actually rappelling
  • Difficulty: Pretty Difficult

Minas Viejas is an area about an hour north from Mincos waterfalls. You’ll pass sugarcane fields and stunning mountain views, as you make your way on a bumpy road to this hidden gem.

As the name implies, this area used to be a mining area. The minerals that make the water in this area so blue were mined there, but not anymore.

There’s only one main waterfall here, and it’s beautiful, but the main attraction is the rappelling. Yes, it seems terrifying at first, but it was actually really fun! You get all strapped in, then balay yourself off the side of the 120 foot sheer cliff! Don’t worry, there’s water below.

If you’ve never done rappelling before, it’s no worries at all (as is everything in Mexico). Most of my group were all beginners, and I pretty much had no idea what I was doing as well, but quickly figured it out!

Most Famous Waterfalls in Huasteca: Tamul

tamul waterfall
Warning, Tamul does not exist in dry season!

Full disclosure, I did NOT get to see Tamul. This is because I was not aware that it basically only exists during the wet season and “good season”. Yes, I was bummed at first. But after seeing all of the other amazing waterfalls in Huasteca, they made up for it!

Tamul is the biggest of all the waterfalls in Huasteca, so if you’d like to see it, be sure to go between November and February! Also, I’d highly suggest getting a small beginner drone to see the views from above! My recommendation is the DJI Mavic Mini or Mavic Air!

If You Want to do a Multi-Day Waterfalls in Huasteca Tours:

Most of these waterfalls require a tour, but there’s a tour company that offers multi-day tours that also include hotel and meals, that can save you some money AND planning! I worked with Huaxteca, because a portion of their proceeds goes towards funding their animal sanctuary, and I’d also highly recommend them for their guides!

As I mentioned, many people in this particular area aren’t fluent in English, which is usually a problem for most foreigners. But Huaxteca has a few English speaking guides, and they’re all really knowledgable, fun, and nice!

Check out their website for tour packages, that also include your accommodation at their Ecopark, and half board meals!

Important Things to Bring to the Waterfalls in Huasteca:

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Hidden gem alert! There's a place called Huasteca in Mexico that is a waterfall heaven! Surrounded by lush jungle and tranquil atmospheres, you can visit five or more waterfalls in Huasteca, plus do tons of adrenaline pumping adventures like ziplining, rappelling, rafting, and even riding a bike on a zipline! Save this post if you plan on visiting Mexico in the future, and want to go somewhere off the touristy beaten path! #mexico #huasteca #waterfalls