Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean that those weekend or week-long travel getaways must come to an end. There are plenty of cheap fall travel destinations that are worth a visit, so let yourself be tempted by the cheapest fall travel destination in 2022 mentioned below.

By the way! When we say “fall destinations” we also mean places to escape the chilly fall weather, if you’re into that!

Here’s our top pics for the cheapest Fall Travel Destinations in 2022


cheap fall destinations turkey

Turkey is one of main fall travel destinations for 2022 as it offers everything you may need for spending some quality days abroad. It’s cheap, the temperature is just on point and if you happen to be there during late October, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the most popular Turkish holiday!

Due to a recent drop in the Turkish lira, Turkey has become even more affordable than it was before. Prices for accommodation and food are lower than they have been in a long time which makes it the perfect time to visit this beautiful country on a decent budget.

pamukkale turkey

Also, fall in Turkey doesn’t mean like in many other countries, the early beginning of winter. In fact, as it is a Mediterranean country, Turkey offers a mild temperature, with few episodes of rain. Plus, the sea water is still warm, perfect for swimming.

Turkey is also a very cultural country, with plenty of holidays and cultural events throughout the year. And fall is not an exception. That’s why Turkey is a great fall travel destination in 2022. There are plenty of events going on in Turkey during the fall months, including the 29th of October Republic Day which is something you don’t want to miss. That being said, don’t waste any time and give Turkey a go this fall.

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*Sidenote: Turkey is now recognized by the name Turkiye (pronounced “turk-ee-yay”)


scotland cheap travel destinations
Tell me this isn’t the most epic photo of Loch Ness you’ve ever seen.

Scotland is a beautiful breathtaking country all year around. Its unique nature, which includes plenty of green landscapes and lochs are worth visiting all year around.  However, many agree that fall is the best season to visit Scotland. The reasonable temperature, affordable prices and amazing trees and skies that look like a colourful painting makes it a unique destination.

Depending on what you are planning for your trip there are different advice you should take into consideration. Fall is probably the best part of the year to visit the Highlands. The nature is as beautiful as it can be. There are plenty of footpaths and tracking paths for you to enjoy while it is still not too wet.

best things to see in scotland highland cows inverness

On the other hand, visiting Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen during fall is also a must. The prices for accommodation are not as expensive as in summer, and you can still enjoy wandering around without freezing.

Scotland’s capital Edinburgh already feels like a Harry Potter movie, and where else would you rather be during Halloween than in there? Just another plus to visit Scotland this fall.

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Hawaii, United States

Stairway to Heaven: Everything you Need to Know

Known for its breathtaking landscapes and beaches, Hawaii is a good destination all year-around. However, there are a few things that makes Hawaii one of the cheapest and best destinations to visit in the fall of 2022.

Hawaii is basically the perfect gateway for those looking for an adventurous experience. During fall the weather in Hawaii is still very pleasant with temperatures ranging between 20ºC and 25ºC. And only a few episodes of rain. It’s without any doubt the perfect time to visit the archipelago if you like hiking and exploring.

Another great aspect about visiting Hawaii during fall are the prices. Accommodation options, including fancy hotels can be found at a reasonable price. Even experiences and transportation are usually lower in prices than during the high season. One more plus is that it’s also not as crowded, so you can enjoy Hawaii’s nature in a more tranquil environment.

There’s also plenty of things going on during the fall months, from events to unique parties. If you happen to visit Hawaii in October then you’ll have the opportunity to attend the Annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. This is one of the most famous events from Hawaii – so make sure you don’t miss that opportunity!



If your idea of a perfect fall vacation is a more paradisiac destination, but money is still a concern? Then Mauritius is the place to go, as it’s one of the cheapest fall travel destinations in 2022.

During the fall months Mauritius offers a perfect temperature that usually rounds 25ºC, with low rainfall. It’s the best weather for those how like to go to the beach, without getting too sunburned.

alyssa ramos 100 countries list

Mauritius is not a cheap destination, but this fall of 2022, the prices are lower than usual. During the fall months the prices for flights and accommodation are very reasonable and it’s still a cheaper option than other paradisiac destinations as Maldives or Seychelles. So, if your dream is to visit Mauritius, fall 2022 is the best opportunity to do it on a budget!

As the fall months are usually less crowded, you’ll still have the opportunity to experience all the idyllic activities. Kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, among others, are great experiences that this island nation offers during fall. All of this, without the crowds expected during the other months. Mauritius is for sure a top 2022 fall destination!


cheap destinations for fall japan

Depending on what you’re expecting from such a diverse country as Japan, each month of the year offers unique experiences. That being said, fall months, especially October and November are known for being great months to visit Japan. Especially, if you’re looking for a cultural vacation.

Fall in Japan is usually synonym of clear skies and reasonable temperatures. It is not hot enough for a beach vacation. But is definitely a great temperature if you’re planning to explore the country and all of the unique sites it has to offer.

Tokyo Nightlife Shibuya Crossing Alyssa Ramos

Japan is an expensive country overall, but the fall months are not as expensive, with November being the cheapest month to travel there. So, fall of 2022 may be a great opportunity for you to visit Japan especially if you’re taking all your family with you. One great thing about Japan, is its many festivals spread out throughout the year. Fortunately, during the fall months there are some of the best festivals taking place as the Arashiyama Momiji Festival and Ishigaki Island Festival. Give them a try if you can. 

Japan has also just recently re-opened for visitors, so discounts are more likely to be found. Please note you still must wear a mask there!

As you can imagine, there are plenty of great cheap travel destinations that you can visit during fall 2022. But these ones mentioned above are some of the best and cheapest destinations you can choose from. Now, pick one and enjoy yourself!

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