When it comes to take some days off from work, it is important to make sure you are making the most of them.  A recent study has discovered and is sharing its findings in how to double your Paid Time Off. 

Is it really possible to double your Paid Time off?

how to double your paid time off

A recent statistic suggests that 70% of Americans are planning to take vacations during the year of 2022, with 50% of them thinking about taking more than one leisure trip. So, imagine if you could turn 10 days of PTO into 20 days, it would be good, wouldn’t it? 

And the reality is that you can! The trick here is to make the most of your PTO to wisely select the days you’re taking off from work.

The average PTO in the US is of 10 days, which is not a lot if you want to find time to go on holidays, spend time with your family or finish that project you’ve been postponing for ages. That’s why knowing how to gain some extra PTO days is so important. This holiday hack, revealed by  known financial group, will show you why it is so important to choose specific dates and how you should do it, in order to even double you PTO. 

Holiday Hack

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The study found out that to double your PTO has all to do with public holidays. As simple as that. During what’s left from 2022, there are 5 American public holidays that fall on a Monday – Independence Day (4/7/2022), Labor Day (5/9/2022) and Columbus Day (10/10/2022). This means that if you take 4 days from that respective week off (Tuesday to Friday), you’re only using 4 of your PTO days but you’ll end up with a whole week of PTO. 

The same applies to the public holiday – Veterans Day (11/11/2022)– which falls on a Friday. So, if you take Monday to Thursday off, you’ll only be using 4 days, and once again being able to enjoy 7 days of PTO. 

Thanksgiving (24/11/2022) falls on a Thursday. This means that if you take the other weekdays off from that week, you’ll only be using 4 days of your PTO. In that way, if you decide to choose two of this bank holydays and its respective weeks they fall on, to go on holidays, you’ll be able to merely use 8 of your PTO days, while enjoying 14 days! 

The importance of taking time away from work

how to double paid time off

After all the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is great to be able to book you’re vacations again. Especially when you’re able to add some extra PTO days to them. 

Furthermore, another study, shows that 49% of the study participants were exhausted and burned out at work. This suggest that now, more than ever, it’s important to be able to extend the time you can be away from work. It not only helps employees to maintain a good mental health status as it also improves productivity.

That being said, and now that you are aware of this holiday hack, what are you waiting for to book your next vacations?