my life's a travel movie book cover

Words CAN describe how excited I am to have finally written my first book, because, well, I WROTE A BOOK!

Based on feedback from some sample chapters I wrote for what will be my second book, I learned most people wanted know the very very beginning of my story. Of how I first started traveling solo, and how I became one of the first “solo female travel social media influencers” almost ten years ago.

So, it’s all in my first book! The first two years of my travel-life, and the behind the scenes of My Life’s a Travel Movie! I’m not shy about spilling the tea, and there’s tons of secrets you’d never know about just by looking at my photos on Instagram!

It will be available for sale soon, so if you’d like first dibs that include special gifts and access to private posts that will show photos of the actual places I talk about in each chapter, please sign up below!