With the future of travel still unknown, more people than ever working from home, and the general chaos of the world causing all of us anxiety, now is a great time to check out the best Mexico cities to work remotely in 2021!

As someone who has been working remotely for 8 years in over 100 countries, my standards for picking a place for an extended time to work in are high! Key factors I look for are;

  • Affordable monthly rentals
  • Reliable Wifi
  • Great walkability
  • Sustainability and stable infrastructure
  • Long visa length
  • Expat communities
  • Safety

So far my top pick that checks off most of those is Playa del Carmen. But I’ll explain why each of these places are the best Mexico cities to work remotely for different reasons!

Before you travel to Mexico, please read my Mexico Safety Tipspost!

Playa del Carmen

playa del carmen best mexico cities for expats

Why do I pick Playa del Carmen as one of the few places in the world to have a base in? Several reasons! It’s a beach-side city with new, nice apartments that rent for relatively cheap prices. Wifi has always been reliable, and if it goes out at your place, there’s tons of cafes that offer it for free!

Everything you need is walkable, however it is NOT advised to walk alone at night. That’s the main downside of Playa. It’s a bit dangerous. Please see this blog post about safety if you plan on moving there!

If you ever need any tours, car rentals, or help with anything at all, please contact Vanessa at Turismo Chanel and tell her I sent you for a good deal!

Puerto Morelos

puerto morelos best mexico cities

I’ve only been to Puerto Morelos a couple of times, but I know some expats prefer it. It’s only about 30 minutes from the Cancun airport, and located in between there and Playa del Carmen.

It’s a lot smaller and quieter than the other popular towns in Riviera Maya, but again, some expats prefer that! It’s also cheaper! Puerto Morelos is also right next to the Ruta de Cenotes, where a lot of cool cenotes are! My favorite is “7 Bocas:!


cozumel mexico

Cozumel is only currently making this list because the cruise ships aren’t running at the moment. When they are, it can get a bit hectic.

But if you want to live on a beautiful tropical island for super cheap in early 2021, definitely check it out! The only downsides are that there aren’t a ton of great restaurant options, and there’s not much of an expat community.


merida best mexico cities

Many expats LOVE Merida. I know of two personally who have lived there! When I visited recently, I loved how clean the city was, and how many adorable-chic restaurants and bars there were.

Plus, it’s one of the safest cities in Mexico! Rumor has it that it’s because that’s where all the cartels send their grandmas to live…


Lake Bacalar best mexico cities

Bacalar is still a relatively new up-and-coming destination, but I absolutely loved it! Lake Bacalar is absolutely stunning, and the entire city itself is working hard towards sustainable efforts for both the environment and infrastructure.

It is definitely NOT as developed as all of the previous Mexico cities I’ve mentioned though. There aren’t big grocery stores or tons of restaurants. This would definitely be a place to go if you are seeking a more nature-focused, solitude work environment.


best mexico cities

Speaking of nature-focused and solitude, check out Mazatepec! I only know about it because I was invited to go to a week long co-working retreat at a massive restored Hacienda there, but it’s so beautiful, and such a great concept, that I had to share.

A low price will get you either three days or a week in the Hacienda, and includes everything you could possibly need! A beautiful room, all of your meals, daily meditation and yoga, workshops, fast wifi, and plenty of work spaces!

If you’re interested in joining for a week in February, let me know! I’ll be there the week of February 7 and February 14!


best mexico cities guadalajara

It’s said that Guadalajara is the new up-and-coming place for millennials in Mexico! It’s supposedly the second most populated next to Mexico City!

If you prefer city vibes, this is definitely your best option! It’s also pretty affordable, and there’s tons of restaurants and cafes you can work out of. Be sure to take the Jose Cuervo Tequila Train to Tequila, Mexico when you’re there!

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is like the Playa del Camen of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It’s relatively Americanized, many tourists go there, has easy access to the beach, cheap-ish rentals, and thus, perfect for expats!

One of the main differences though is that *in my opinion* the water isn’t as nice. That’s because Playa/Puerto Morelos/Cozumel are on the Caribbean. The water there is warm, clear, and lovely! The water on the Pacific isn’t as clear and is a colder and a bit more rough. (Coming from someone who grew up in Florida then lived in California).


I would somewhat compare Sayulita to Puerto Vallarta what Tulum is to Playa del Carmen. Smaller, trendier, and more exclusive. But of course, with less conveniences, like supermarkets. It’s also a bit pricier.

However! Sayulita is known to be an expat haven! So if cute, small, less-pretentious-than-Tulum is what you like, you’ll love Sayulita!

Not Tulum.


Aside from being able to take great photos, having a pretty beach, and tons of cute (but pricey) restaurants, there is nothing about Tulum that makes it good for working remotely. In fact I have no idea why so many bloggers and “influencers” rave about it because there’s hardly any working wifi. And you need wifi to work, right?

Aside from lack of wifi and being expensive, it’s also a nightmare to get around. The best things to do and see are on the beach, but there’s only one very small road. In my opinion, if you’re looking to work remotely, you’re better off basing yourself in Playa del Carmen and doing a side trip to Tulum for a night or two!

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Are you currently working from home and thinking of becoming a digital nomad? Mexico place is a great place to do that for so many reasons! After living and working in several cities in Mexico, this is my list of the best Mexico cities for working remotely in 2021! Full honesty, Tulum made my "worst" list!