Mexico Real Estate Trips

Due to the immense interest we’ve had in Mexico real estate, we’ve decided to organize Mexico Real Estate Trips! These will be for individuals, couples, families, or even friends who want to head down to Mexico for a few days to do an all-inclusive Real Estate Tour.

I came up with this idea because when I went to look for real estate in Mexico, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. It took me two weeks or so to figure everything out, not to mention weeks in advance to plan my stay and transportation!

So I’m going to make it easy for you! If you’re interested in coming to Riviera Maya to look at properties in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and the surrounding Riviera Maya region, and want your entire stay planned out, please sign up with the form below!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MY TRAVEL TRIBE COMMUNITY IDEA: We are going to be doing ONE group trip for anyone interested in buying in the community that I bought my apartment in! There will be around 30 studios for around $70k presale, and 30 one-bedrooms like mine starting around $100k. Be sure to check the box on the form if you’re interested! You can also feel free to see other properties during that trip, and I will be on it!

NOTE: This itinerary is just a suggestion and can be completely customized when you fill out the booking form! You can choose your length of stay, if you want activities or not, if you want to rent transport or not, etc. and the price will vary depending on your selections! Pricing is also dependent on WHEN you go! If you go in high season (Dec-March and holidays), prices will be higher!

Sample Individual Mexico Real Estate Trip Itinerary:

Mexico Real Estate Trips

Pre-Trip: Your trusted realtor will contact you to ask your preferences for what you are looking for (such as size, price range, location, etc). They will then send you several brochures of options to look over. After you’ve finished looking them over, you will let them know your selection, and they will make arrangements for showings of the pre-sale properties (NOTE: most are under construction still and only a few of them have actual models to show).

Day 1: Arrive at Cancun airport and be greeted by your driver! Look for your name on a placard and then they’ll escort you to your air-conditioned van with complimentary water and beer!

From the airport it’s about a 2 hour drive to Tulum depending on traffic. It could be less or it could be more! The good news is that they’re building an airport in Tulum! Depending on what time you arrive, you will be able to check into your included accommodation at one of the new properties in La Veleta, or if you arrive early, you can store your luggage and enjoy the pool, or explore the area until check in.

Around 6-7pm (depending on your flight), your realtor will meet you for dinner (your meal is included) to discuss your property viewings for the next few days.

Day 2: Feel free to sleep in, catch up on work, and grab a bite at one of the many nearby breakfast spots in La Veleta! Your realtor will pick you up at 10am to start the first round of showings, in order to avoid the hot afternoon heat!

After you’ve seen a few of your selected properties, your realtor will drop you back off at your accommodation. The rest of the day is yours at leisure to review the properties, work, or enjoy Tulum with your included bike rentals!*

If you’ve pre-booked any tours, you will go on one of them this afternoon! We will also give you a list of restaurant or delivery recommendations!

mexico real estate trips

Day 3: Rise and shine again for your second day of property showings! That is, unless you’ve already found your ideal home! You’ll head out around 10 again (totally adjustable if you want to go earlier or later, just let your realtor know in advance).

When you’re done, you will get dropped off again at your accommodation. If you’d like to have lunch with your realtor, just let her know!

The rest of the day is at leisure, feel free to use your bikes to explore the area or head to the beach!

Day 4: This is your final day of showings and also the day to decide if you want to put down a deposit on one of them! You’ll be picked up again in the morning to see properties, and then when you’re done, you’ll have your final lunch meeting with your realtor for any questions, or to make your decision for the next step!

Dinner will hopefully be celebratory, but if not, we hope you still enjoy having fun in Tulum!

Day 5: Depart any time with your included transfer!


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