Erawan Museum – Bangkok

Erawan museum is inside a gigantic three-headed elephant. Sounds cool?

Amazing facts

The elephant weight an impressive 150 tons and the head itself is 100 tons!

The building is 43.6 meters high.

photo: Mike Behnken

Erawan museum bangkok entrance fee

The entrance fee is 300 Baht.

Audio-guide is available for a deposit of 1000 Baht or your passport.

How do you get to Erawan museum

Location: 13.62932, 100.58926  Map

The BTS skytrain will reach the museum in a future extension. Now the nearest station is Bearing E14, still 5 km away from the museum. From there you can catch a taxi. To get back it may be not as hard to take a bus. Just cross the road (Sukhumvit RD) using the catwalk, and take the bus #2, #511, or in our case we used the bus green and white with a BTS sign. The buses #2 and #511  go all the way to the Khao San road area.


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