Chiang Mai – Mae Sai visa run

Visa run from Chiang Mai


Visa run means you leave the country and re-enter with a new visa entry or a 15-30 day visa exemption. The closest and the cheapest from Chiang Mai is Mae Sai visa run.


Quick options for your Mae Sai visa run

Minibus services

The minivan pick you up and drop you off directly from/to your hotel. You have no time for shopping, the minibus stops only 45 minutes at the border. No meal is served but a 20 minutes break allow you to buy some food. The journey takes  about 10 hours.


  • Think to bring a snack and more important some water.
  • When you quit the minivan at the border make sure you look for something to distinguish it from all the minivans around. It will be easier for you when you get back.


The bus requires much more effort and is not necessary the cheapest option. It’s recommended to buy your tickets the day before, or earlier. The Green bus company offers a good service in clean buses.  VIP 3 seats/row 364 Baht one way and regular 4 seats/row 234 Baht one way, are available. Snack, water and juice are served. It’s safer and more comfortable than the minivan. Buses depart from Chiang Mai bus station. The bus stops at Mae Sai bus station, but don’t worry about your transport to the border, when you exit your bus a songthaew is waiting. It cost 15 Baht to go from the bus terminal to the border and another 15 Baht on you way back (price is fixed).


 Visa procedure

  • A pen
  • Your passport
  • 500 baht

Chiang Mai - Mae Sai Visa run

First thing make sure you have filled up your Thailand departure card. Present your passport there, follow the sign Passport Control 1.

Second step, walk the bridge and cross the street.

Third step, get into the Myanmar immigration office and pay 500 Baht, if you pay with a 1000 baht bank note don’t worry the change will be given. It’s possible to pay 10$ USD (some reported having problem using 10$ USD). When they put the stamp on you have the choice to stay a bit for shopping or just come back to Thailand.

If you choose to stay, a temporary pass is given and your passport is held. You can have your passport back at the border office (on the other side of the street) when you give your temporary pass.

Fourth I guess? Now you are ready to go back to Thailand. Left side of the road when facing Thailand. Get your immigration/departure card inside (Thai only side) and fill it up while you are waiting in line.


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