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BTS  Skytrain (Bangkok Mass Transit System) offers a clean, fast and modern way to get around in Bangkok. Up in the sky you bypass the ever increasing Bangkok’s traffic and enjoy it with the comfort of air conditioning. The system operates from 6:00 to 24:00. Now an average of more than 600 000 peoples use this service daily. Using the Skytrain is traveller friendly, every signs is in Thai and English. Maps of the station and maps of the network guide your way. If you need any help ask the ticket office.

On this page you’ll find all wisdom needed to use the Skytrain; map, ticket or pass information, fares, connection with the airportMRTChaopraya river boats and the sources.



credit: BTS official 

How to use BTS Skytrain?


Know where you are going

It may seem obvious but it’s not always that easy, sometime Thai words are hard to pronounce and also hard to understand.  Before you start your journey, make sure you know the name of your destination. If you need any help ask the ticket booth. Each station has a number to make it easier to remember for example Mo Chit station number is N8.

Ticket, One day pass and Rabbit card

Single journey ticket

Fare is based on distance, from 15 to 52 Baht.

Purchase your ticket

Most stations are only equipped with coin  ticket machines. Ticket offices doesn’t sell any single journey ticket but they will change your bank note for coins.

Use coin only tickets issuing machines:


Use the fare Information table to determine the fare needed. Steps are indicated on the machine.

  1. Select fare required (1)
  2. Insert coins (2)
  3. When you reach the fare needed, the machine issue your ticket (3) and give your change back if any (4)

Use coin and bank note ticket machines:

Only few stations has those bank note ticket machines. Accept 20, 50, 100 Baht bank notes and 1, 5, 10 Baht coins. Here again all steps are indicated on the machine.

  1. Touch the screen and select English (top right corner)
  2. Select your destination
  3. Pay with coins or bank notes
  4. Take your ticket and change

One day pass

Your One day pass is sold at BTS tickets office for 130 Baht. The pass is valid for unlimited rides for the day.

rabbit-iconRabbit card

Rabbit card can be purchased at any BTS ticket offices. You have to pay an issuing fee of 150 Baht, a deposit of 50 Baht and a minimum stored value of 100 Baht to 4000 Baht. You can use the card as cash for the BTS skytrain, BRT, soon for MRT and also participating restaurant, retail, theaters, etc .

30 day trips package

You can add trips valid for 30 days to your card

15 trips  405    Baht    (27  Baht/trip)
25 trips  625    Baht    (25  Baht/trip)
40 trips  920    Baht    (23  Baht/trip)
50 trips  1,100 Baht    (22  Baht/trip)

If you travel to/from Sukhumvit Line Extension: Bang Chak E10, Punnawithi E11, Udom Suk E12, Bang Na E13 and Bearing Stations E14, a 10 Baht extra is taken from your value stored.

30-Day SmartPass and BTS SKY SmartPass

Both 30-Day SmartPass and BTS SKY SmartPass are discontinued.

 Automatic gates


Single journey ticket and One day pass ticket:

BTS Bangkok gate ticket

Look for a little arrow on your ticket, insert your card as indicated, take your ticket back and cross the gate.Keep your ticket. When you are arrived at destination enter your ticket the same way.  Single journey ticket are not returned.

Rabbit card

Tap your card on the reader as indicated (TAP HERE). When you see the green light it means you can enter or exit the gates.

Get around



To find your platform, follow the indications for the last station of your line. Example from Siam (CEN) to Phaya Thai (N2) follow indication To Mo Chit (see map).

Inside the train


Inside BTS skytrain

Above each door you will see a map. Screens display advertising and your next destination in Thai and in English.

Skytrain interchange


BTS skytrain to  Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airport

Praya Thai N2 station connects to Airport Rail Link, use exit 5

MRT Bangkok metro

The skytrain connect with MRT at several points:

  • Mo Chit N8 interchange with Chatuchak Park MRT station
  • Asok E4 interchange with Sukhumvit MRT station, use exit 3
  • Sala Daeng S2 interchange with Si Lom MRT station

Chaopraya Express Boat

Saphan Taksin S6 interchange with Chaopraya Express Boat Central Pier


Ekkamai bus terminal

Ekkamai BTS E7

Mo Chit bus station

Mo Chit N8 is the nearest skytrain station to Mo Chit (Chatuchak) bus station (see: Bangkok Mochit Bus Station, How to get there and away)



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