Bangkok Mo Chit Northern Bus Station Guide

Mo chit Northern Bus terminal is the largest, busiest bus station in Bangkok. It serve the northern part of Thailand bus also some bus and minivan to south island and east. If you want to avoid travel agency and do as the locals, booking your ticket in the bus station is a must. Here you don’t have to worry about the price, the more you pay, the more you get, it’s as simple as that.

Mo Chit is the name used by the locals but there is also different name given: Mor Chit, Chatuchak or Jatujak Bus terminal.


Mo chit bus station guide


Mo Chit Map

Find your ticket booth

If you are confused, look for the information desk in the middle of the waiting area. They speak good English and know which  kiosk for every city. Kiosk for Chiang Mai are located outside the building in front. Many Buses cover that destination (see What is the difference between first class and VIP buses). Buses to Isaan are located on the third floor.

Get your ticket

chatuchak bus counter

On the ticket booth are usually indicated the destination, the next bus departure, the price for different class. Some are not written in English, The personnel may not speak English, you have the opportunity to practice some communication skill.

On the ticket

Look for the departure time and the terminal number. Thai people are generally ready 30 minutes before the departure time and punctuality is appreciated.


Bathroom are not clean and toilet paper is not supplied. The Toilet charge is 3 baht and you can buy hygiene stuff at the counter.

Left Luggage

You have 2 left luggage counter on the ground level and more on the third floor. The service is for short time only. You have to pick up your luggage before they close at 22:30. The price depend on the luggage size and start at 20 Baht for a small bag.


ICT offers a free WiFi. They require you to register and the process if not that easy. The difficulty is rewarded with a 30 minutes free WiFi. It seems like you can get a username/password from the information desk, give it a try. TRUE Wifi is also available in the terminal, you can buy the WiFi inside some 7 eleven for 100 baht (unlimited 1 month), you need a phone number where they send you an SMS with your username/password for log in.


Things to do

  • There is countless 7 eleven in the station, it can be the right time to buy snacks and water for your trip.
  • A small market is located just east (or on the left hand side when your are in front of the building), where you can buy clothing, phones and get some local food.
  • Inside the station 2 food courts are located in both far end.
  • Get a coffee in Dunkin Donuts


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