• I, my name is Sebastien Dion Cote, I’m not a travel expert. Just like you I look on the Internet to find information about my destination. And it’s pretty f**** up. That’s why I decided to share the things I’ve learn with you so you won’t have to look left and right for reliable knowledge. The content available here on travellikeaboss.com is based on advice learned with locals and my travel experience. Travel like a boss primary focus is to provide useful and up to date travelling information. There is already quite a lot of website with travel story and more useless blah blah… Travellikeaboss.org fills the gap of knowledge about local transportation, local food and local experience. We photograph everything on the way for you to see for yourself. We want you to not just travel, but make the travel something that can change your life. There is a great deal of things to see in the world and even greater experience to live.